Everyday you may already be having conversations examining the ways you are stuck in life, career, relationships, about our goals and dreams with friends and loved ones.

Therapy is about making a commitment to explore these often uncomfortable places by breaking them down systematically and finding ways to make change possible. Therapy allows for new narratives to be established about who you are and can be, allowing for the opportunity to leave behind ways of thinking that are not useful. Creating space for change, stepping outside of our usual patterns, and opening ourselves to the opportunity to heal is difficult and very possible in a supportive and collaborative relationship.

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When working with clients healing from eating disorders or trauma, I work through the lens of hearing their story both verbally and through somatic therapy. I work well with clients who are willing to experience a little discomfort in order to reach a more balanced place in their lives.

I use humor, an edgy style, and a supportive tone with my clients. I also offer somatic, movement and creative arts therapies for stress, trauma, anxiety and depression.

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