Healing From Trauma

Trauma occurs when an event takes place that you experience as life threatening. Each of us has a different distress threshold that is developed by our relationships, environment, socioeconmic, educational, and cultural backgrounds. This is made more complex by how we experience the world around us, by our temperament and sensitivities, and available support systems.

My approach in working with trauma comes from the belief that it is critical to stay with what feels safe and contained for each individual. Healing from trauma can only occur when we are in the present and when our brains are online, not overstimulated, overwhelmed, or in a state of fear. Often people avoid doing trauma work for fear of having to reexperience the painful event. There is healing without having to relive or discuss the details of your experience.

In my practice I am trained in and utilize Sensorimoter Psychotherapy, which is a body based therapy that focuses on releasing our traumatic experiences that are held in the body. Through this process integration of safety and roundedness become a fly experience.

Any questions you may have about Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and trauma resolution I would be happy to answer.



Kintsugi, is a Japanese technique that transforms broken ceramic or china vessels into beautiful works of art by using gold with lacquer or epoxy to enhance breaks giving the broken pottery an aesthetically pleasing and unique presentation.

Kintsugi, as the practice is known, gives new life or rebirth to damaged or aging ceramic objects by celebrating their flaws and history.

This is how we may consider healing from trauma. By integrating the broken parts, missing pieces, cracks and chips and bringing to light the scars that have come from life experiences.

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